DPA QMA – پاور آمپلی فایر آنالوگ ( دی پی ای ) دارای ۶ کانال ورودی

DPA QMA Series

Constant Voltage Mixer-Amplifiers

The QMA series mixer amplifiers are comprehensive, all-in-one solutions for commercial and industrial applications. These low-cost units provide all necessary features in a simple buildingblock format.

Features :
●  Acceptable wide range input level.
●  One remote microphone input with RJ45 terminal.
●  M.O.H(Music On Hold) output.
●  One telephone paging input with EURO block terminal.
●  Phantom power for all of MIC channels.
●  Three layer priority muting.
●  Advanced protection system includes current limiting, over current and thermal protection.
●  Desktop and 19-inches rack mountable type.
●  Seven bands graphic equalizer.
●  Expendable by adding audio mixer and power amplifier with LINK and PRE-AMP terminal.
●  Low distortion and low noise level.
●  Compact size and lightweight.
●  Ideal commercial and industrial use.

Specifications :
Rated Output Power at THD 0.5% :
DPA QMA-120 : 120W
DPA QMA-240 : 240W
DPA QMA-360 : 360W
DPA QMA-480 : 480W
DPA QMA-600 : 600W
Balanced Microphone Channels : -50dB ± ۳dB
Balanced Line Channels : -22dB ± ۳dB
Balanced Remote Microphone Station : -50dB ± ۳dB
Balanced Telephone Paging : -21dB ± ۳dB
Unbalanced Link-In : -17dB ± ۳dB
Unbalanced Amp-In : 0dB ± ۳dB
Frequency Response at 1watt from speaker out tap, 100Hz ~10kHz : +1.5/-3dB
Graphic Equalizer 125Hz,250Hz,500Hz,1kHz,2kHz,4kHz,8KHz : ±۱۲dB±۳dB
Signal to Noise Ratio at rated power output : Less than 90dB
Crosstalk at all control maximum : -70dB at 1kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) at 1kHz rated power : Less than 0.5%
Phantom Power : 15VDC
Power Band Width at 1kHz from speaker out tap : 80Hz~15kHz with less than 0.5% THD
DC Output Offset : Less than ±۳mV
Operating Temperature/Humidity at non-condensing : 0°~۴۰°C at 95% humidity
Cooling : Convection Cooled
Dimensions (Width/Height/Depth) : 420 x 88 x 320 mm
Net Weight ( Kg ) :
DPA QMA-120 : 6.3kg
DPA QMA-240 : 7.3kg
DPA QMA-360 : 8.3kg
DPA QMA-480 : 5.5kg
DPA QMA-600 : 5.5kg
DPA QMA - نمای پشت پاور آمپلی فایر آنالوگ ( دی پی ای ) دارای 6 کانال ورودی
DPA QMA - کاتالوگ پاور آمپلی فایر آنالوگ ( دی پی ای ) دارای 6 کانال ورودی                DPA QMA - سایت اصلی پاور آمپلی فایر آنالوگ ( دی پی ای ) دارای 6 کانال ورودی

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