DPA QPA – پاور ولتی ( دی پی ای ) دارای ۴ کانال خروجی

DPA QPA Series

Public Address 4 Channel Power Amplifier
Congratulation and thank you for the purchasing QPA series 4 channel constant voltage power amplifier.
Although it is neither complicated to install nor difficult to operate unit, a few minutes of your time is required to read this manual for a properly wired installation and becoming familiar with its many features and how to use them. Please take a great care in unpacking your set and do not discard the carton and other packing materials.
They may be needed when moving your set and are required if it ever becomes necessary to return your set for service. Never place the unit near radiators, in front of heating vents, excessive humid or dusty location to avoid early damage and for your years of quality use.
Connect your unit with the system components according to the description on the following pages.

Features :
●  Controls
Front : Power on/off switch.
Rear : 4 output level controls. 4 HPF(180 Hz) on/off switches.
●  Connectors
۴ CH blanced input with euro block.
۴ CH constant voltage output with euro block .
●  Indicators:
Power and SIG,-10dB, CLIP protect for each output channel

Specifications :
Rated Output Power
QPA-4120 : 4ch x 120W
QPA-4240 : 4ch x 240W
QPA-4360 : 4ch x 360W
QPA-4480 : 4ch x 480W
Output / Impedance
QPA-4120 : 100V (83 Ω)
QPA-4240 : 100V (42 Ω)
QPA-4360 : 100V (27 Ω)
QPA-4480 : 100V (21 Ω)

Sensitivity Mic Input : 0dB/20KΩ Balanced
Impedance link : dB/20KΩ Balanced
Frequency Response : 50Hz – 15kHz
T.H.D : < 0.1%
Closstalk : >70 dB
S/N Ratio : >90 dB
Power Source : AC 230 V, 50/60Hz
Net Weight ( kg ) :
QPA-4120 : 6.3 kg
QPA-4240 : 6.5 kg
QPA-4360 : 6.7 kg
QPA-4480 : 6.9 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 483 x 88 x 380 mm
DPA QPA - نمای پشت پاور ولتی ( دی پی ای ) دارای 4 کانال خروجی
DPA QPA – نمای پشت پاور ولتی ( دی پی ای ) دارای ۴ کانال خروجی

DPA QPA - کاتالوگ پاور ولتی ( دی پی ای ) دارای 4 کانال خروجی                DPA QPA - سایت اصلی پاور ولتی ( دی پی ای ) دارای 4 کانال خروجی

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