Sony EVI-D70 – دوربین روباتیک تصویر برداری حرفه ای PTZ SpeedDome HD

Sony EVI-D70
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Color NTSC Video Camera

The Sony EVI-D70 combine a high quality colour video camera with the flexibility of a remote pan/tilt/zoom operation, all in a compact easy-to-use package. Incorporating an 18x optical zoom lens, these cameras allow a user to zoom in on a small or distant object with exceptionnal clarity.
Compared to his predecessor, the EVI-D31, the EVID70/EVID70P camera offer a wide pan/tilt range, and a faster pan/tilt mechanism.
Above all, these cameras are ceiling mountable – a first for the popular Sony EVI cameras.

The Sony EVI-D70 is equiped with a variety of convenient features such as auto ICR function, Alarm function and RS-232C/422 serial control , making them ideal for any remote shooting applications such as distance learning, indoor and outdoor security systems, courtrooms, event venues, concert halls, and more.


Features SONY EVI-D70 :
•  High resolution picture quality
•  High speed, wide range PTZ
•  Ceiling/Desktop Mountable
•  Six position pre-set
•  Auto Tracking
•  RS-232C/RS-422 serial port
•  Plug and Play product: Various applications


Specifications SONY EVI-D70 :
•  ۱/۴ type 380k pixel EXview HAD CCD
•  Wide Range Pan/Tilt: 340 degrees Pan / 120 degrees Tilt
•  High Zoom Ratio AF Lens: 18x Optical + 12x Digital
•  Excellent Low Light Sensitivity: Minimum illumination less than 1 Lux
•  Desktop or Ceiling Mount Installation
•  E:Flip Function (electronic flip): Electronically flips an image upside down so it displays correctly when ceiling mounted
•  ۳۷ mm Mount for Optional Conversion Lens
•  Fully Remote Controllable via RS-232C (VISCA) or RS-422
•  Auto ICR Function
•  Auto Focus
•  Video Output: VBS (pin jack) and Y/C (4 pin MiniDIN)
•  Alarm Function
•  AE Spot Setting
•  Custom Preset Function



نمای پشت دوربین اسپید دام SpeedDome HD محصول کمپانی SONY ( سونی ) مدل EVI-D70

نمای پشت دوربین اسپید دام SpeedDome HD محصول کمپانی SONY ( سونی ) مدل EVI-D70


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